Help! Mutua is eating county like Pilau Njeri– Machakos MCAs cry

By Lead Investigator

1586788.jpgMachakos MCAs together with the county residents have called on the government institutions to stop governor Alfred Mutua from his insatiable eating appetite of the county money.

The MCAs and residents have written to the EACC and the Auditor General to come down and carry out a thorough probe, including lifestyle audit on governor Mutua.

They have accused Mutua of eating the county public money the same way he would be seen munching plates upon plates of Pilau Njeri, a jumbled tasteless meal made of overcooked rice, potatoes, yams, arrowroots and cabbages – his favourite!

Fed up with Mutua who also goes by the moniker Kavaluku due to his sly behavior such as weeping and wailing in public for Cameras, the MCAs on Monday barricaded the streets of Machakos town while waving placards and banners denouncing Mutua and his bogus leadership. They called for his immediate arrest and prosecution.

‘There is nothing to show on the ground yet a budget of KSH2.7 billion for development was passed in 2017/2018 financial year. We want Mutua to explain in fine details how that money was used’ shouted mark Muendo, the leader of the majority.

The MCAs said that over 100 million shillings allocated for bursaries had not been disbursed and wondered where the money disappeared to.

The deputy speaker Paul Museku said another KSH 272Million meant for health could not be traced yet health facilities in the county were teetering on the brink of collapse due to lack of drugs and low staff morale. They accused Mutua of painting the health facilities from outside to give a false impression.  

Museku claimed that another mega heist was carried out in the department of water where KSH 204 meant for sinking of boreholes and equipping existing ones disappeared into thin air.

‘We want him to face the county residents and explain the looting of these public monies. The county is sinking and we cannot just sit and watch while unmitigated theft and plunder goes on’ Museku remarked.

Yet another MCA revealed another heist in the department of roads where KSH378Million was looted to the last coin.

The money was meant for grading of roads in each of the county’s wards. The roads in the wards are in total mess, no better that cattle tracks. ‘We want him arrested like yesterday’ the MCA carrying a huge banner with Mutua’s image superimposed with a hare’s head cried.

The MCAs  again lamented that KSH150 million allocated for construction of offices had also gone missing as no building worthy that amount had been constructed anywhere in Machakos. Our investigations desk learnt that part of Mutua’s executive operate from scattered dingy offices in town and refurbished salons.

The MCAs said should the government agencies delay in arresting and prosecuting Mutua for gross misconduct and financial impropriety, they will have no choice but to impeach him.

‘That (impeachment) is also on the cards, you wait and see’ said an agitated MCA hinting at the possibility of Mutua being toppled from the seat of power.

To drive a hot knife in Mutua’s sore bottoms, the MCAs said they will not recognize his executive committee members saying their appointment was a joke and akin to walking to Muthetheni market to pick guavas.

‘They were not vetted, we don’t know their competencies, we did not approve their appointment. They are in office illegally. One can easily say they are conmen and con women’ another MCA stated.

Will Mutua survive? Only time will tell.

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